Records management


SRDM Security All new boxes supplied to our clients are barcoded before dispatch thus enabling our audit process to start at the point of collection. All new boxes received at SRDM are indexed, capturing all relevant information on to our database. This process provides our clients with the ability to view and accurately order their archived material.

The indexing process is available at document/record level and is widely used for frequently requested record types. This enables our clients the ability to retrieve their material at record-level, removing the need for unnecessary box movements.


Additional internal access controls are available to provide our clients additional peace of mind in the protection of their highly-sensitive material, including Data/Media storage.

The site is equipped with smoke and heat detectors that are linked to a 24 hour central monitoring station. Real time data backups of our electronic data are made using 2048 bit SSL encryption to mirrored data centres at off-site locations. Once at the data centres, all data is encrypted with the latest encryption software. All backed up data is available for a minimum of 30 days for a restore.


If the need arises to add additional items of filing to a document or record, instead of retrieving the file and adding this item themselves, our clients can simply send or fax the hard copy to us, or send an email attachment. We will retrieve and add the item to the relevant document or record.


As well as the delivery of requested material, any returns and new material can be requested for collection via our online system, or by email, telephone, or fax. This includes secure waste collection too.

Destruction and secure waste disposal

We offer a destruction service for all material that have reached their destruction/review date. We provide our clients with details of documents and records that have reached their review date for agreement to destroy. Once authorised, the material is retrieved and securely destroyed and recycled. A certificate of destruction is issued as the final audit process.

We offer a confidential waste paper collection and disposal service for office confidential waste. This service can be requested through our online system, or by email, telephone, or fax.

Data tape daily rotation services

In addition to storing data backup tapes, we offer a daily tape collection and delivery “rotation” service to ensure that our client’s data tapes are securely stored off site in a timely manner that coincides with their own data backup processes. These processes assist our clients in their disaster recovery/business continuity planning and restore process.